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[Yamaguchi]Float Lemon Tea

R 211.38
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[Yamaguchi]Float Lemon Tea

R 211.38

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A slice of dried lemon packaged together with the tea bag
offers a new way of enjoying your tea time.

This novel type of tea bag is made with the lemons produced in Setoda, Hiroshima, which is Japan's 
leading lemon production area, and the organic tea leaves produced in Gokase, Miyazaki.

The lemon slices are thoroughly dried even the rinds and the pith, 
which means it will take longer than regular lemon slices to start infusing
bitterness. You can enjoy the fresh and fruity flavor of the lemon.

■Set Includes: Tea Bag (2g) with dried lemon slice x 7 bags
■Ingredients: Tea Leaves, Lemon 
■Weight (Including Packaging): 85g
■Made in Yamaguchi, Japan
■How to serve: Place a tea bag in a cup, pour boiled water. Steep 2- 3 minutes. Float the lemon slice.
・Consume as soon as possible.
・Be careful when handling hot water.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date):300 days
■Manufacturer: Mitsuura-Jozo Co., LTD. 

Item No. V05449999028
Jan: 4993586881070

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[Yamaguchi]Float Lemon Tea 4

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