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Toyama Black Ramen & White-shrimp Ramen (8 packs)

R 588.46
Review(1) Avg score 4

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Noodle house Iroha


Toyama Black Ramen & White-shrimp Ramen (8 packs)

R 588.46

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Enjoy the "black and white" of Toyama’s ramen. In addition to the excellent soups, notice the high quality noodles, with lotus root and deep sea water mixed in. 

●Toyama Black Ramen● The black soup looks salty, but it actually has a refreshing and deep taste. Enjoy Iroha Noodle House’s rich soy sauce ramen.

○Toyama White-shrimp Ramen○ We used the shell of white shrimp, Toyama’s delicacy food, to make the ultimate broth soup. A fragrant salt ramen that brings out the best the sea can offer. 

■Ingredients: [Noodles] Wheat flour · protein concentrate whey powder · lactose · egg white · lye water · alcoholic · polysaccharide · whey mineral · calcium · d-sorbitol · gardenia pigment;

[Black Soup] soy sauce · broth · brewery seasoning · white shrimp powder · sugar · Kelp extract, oyster extract, vegetable extract, brewed vinegar, flavor oil, bonito extract powder, chicken oil, seasoning (amino acid etc.), caramel pigment, pork extract, spices; (some ingredients include wheat);

[White Soup] broth · chicken oil · salt · mirin · seasoning (amino acid etc.) · brewing seasoning · white shrimp powder · sugar · brewing vinegar · kelp extract · flavor oil · vegetable extract · bonito extract powder (some ingredients include wheat)

■Content: Noodles 960g (120g×8); Soup 440g (55g×8)

■Content (including packaging): 1500g

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: (1) Boil water in a large pot, add the noodles, and boil for 4 minutes (2) The oil in the soup pack is hardened, so leave it in hot water for it to melt. Cut the package open, and put the soup into a bowl. Add 300ml of hot water. (3) Strain the noodles in a colander, and shake the water off. Slowly put it into the bowl of soup. 

■Precautions: No artificial preservatives added. This dish cannot be cooked using a microwave oven. Beware of burns when working with hot water. Eat within a day once cooked.

■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and strong scents 

■Manufacturer: Ten Takaku


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Item No. V01061999028
Jan: 4560284710195

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Toyama Black Ramen & White-shrimp Ramen (8 packs) 4

Post date 8/04/2020 Wednesday
Yummy! authentic ramen with quality just like the one having in the restaurant.

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