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Brown Rice 5kg

R 1,284.31

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Happy Belly (Happy Berry)


Brown Rice 5kg

R 1,284.31

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This is delicious rice that is grown using the fresh air and pure water at the foot of Mt. Kongosan, mountainous area of Nara prefecture.

The rice farmers are very particular about the environment, soil, and their customers, using the least amount of agriculture chemicals.


- Raw materials: brown rice

- Contents: 5 kg

- Country of Origin: Japan 

- How to eat: Cook 1 cup (150g) of rice with 200cc of water

- Notes: Chemical preservatives and artificial coloring are not used. This rice cannot be cooked in the microwave. Please be careful not to get burn when handling hot water.

- Storing: Avoid heat, humidity, strong scents, and direct sunlight. 

- Manufacturer: Okuno Farm

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Item No. V01481999028
Jan: 4908101277511

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