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Hasami-yaki pasta plate

R 288.50

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Hasami-yaki pasta plate

R 288.50

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A convenient plate that can be used for serving a variety of dishes, including curry and pasta, as well as don-dishes and omu-rice. Comes in 6 unique designs. 


■ Size details(cm): L22.5xW20.5× Height 4.5 

■ Weight: 510g (varies from product to product)

■ Weight (including packaging): 660g

■ Materials: porcelain

■ Made in Hasami city, Nagasaki

■ Brand: natural69

■ Precautions: *The color may vary from product to product. *The glaze may cause the image to be whitish and hazy. *There may be small black dots, paint marks or pinholes on the surface. *The glaze on the edge may be slightly thinner than the rest of the surface. 

Not usable in oven. *Rapid temperature change can cause breakage. 

Item No. V02683999028

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