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Hasamiyaki cocomarine Bowl (M) - Large Sea Creatures

R 167.48

In Stock V02676999028
Okayama Suzukaya


Hasamiyaki cocomarine Bowl (M) - Large Sea Creatures

R 167.48

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Hasamiyaki's iconic blue accentuates your table.

cocomarine collection from the renowned Hasamiyaki brand, "natural69", 
illustrates the sea-creatures the designer actually saw while snorkeling in the ocean.

Large sea creatures are characterized by shades of blue strokes on white porcelain.
The bowl is great for salad, dipping sauce, desserts and snacks. 

It'll also make a great gift.

■Size (approx.): D11.5cm x H4.5cm
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 150 (the weight may vary by the product)
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 240
■Material: Porcelain
■Made in Hasami, Nagasaki 
■Brand: natural69
・Brushstorkes vary by the product. 
・Glaze may make some areas appear white. 
・There may be black dots, splashes or small holes on the surface. 
・Some plates might be slightly unstable when placed on the table.
・Glaze tends to pool at the bottom, making the glaze around the rim slightly thinner than the rest. 
※Dishwasher safe
※Do not use in the oven. 
※Sudden temperature changes may cause the plates to break. 

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V02676999028

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