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Fashion accessories

Nanbu Kozakura-kumi Key holder Turquoise Blue

R 358.82

In Stock V01626999028

Fashion accessories

Nanbu Kozakura-kumi Key holder Turquoise Blue

R 358.82

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"Ishiwarizakura" is a beautiful 360+ year old cherry blossom tree in Morioka that once even cracked a  granite. This key holder was inspired by the image of this tree as well as the great patience of the people of Tohoku (Northern Japan). It is made in the style of obi-jime (decorative string used to hold a kimono sash in place). The beautiful  multidimensional line of flowers are designed to make knots strong and sturdy. This masterpiece is the pinnacle of two years of trial and error. *"Nanbu Kozakurakumi" is a brand of braided crafts that was started to support the recovery of regions affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011.

■ Size details: 9 cm (not including string)

■ Weight [g]: 5

■ Weight (including packaging) [g]: 10

■ Materials: Silk 100% excluding metal fittings (some metal threads used) 

■ Producing in Morioka city, Iwate 

■ Brand name:  Kurando

■ Precautions: Beware of burns due to sunlight 

Item No. V01626999028

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