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This drip kettle adaptable for electric or glass top stove
is designed with a nice round form and the integrated wooden lid.

The spout carefully hand-made by skillful craftsmen allows you to control the amount of hot water to pour
so that you can make a perfect coffee.
Also, it is useful not only as a dripper for making coffee, but also as a kettle or a teapot for boiling water.
As the calm and soft color variations match well with any interiors including Asian/Western styles,
it will make a great gift for anybody!

■Color: Choose color from the SIZE drop down menu
1: Matte Black, 2: Matte White, 3: Matte Gray, 4: Matte Light Blue
■Size: 【Body】W26.0×D18.5×H14.0㎝
■Materials:【Steel Plate for Enamel (Thickness of Plate 0.8mm)】Body and partially lid
【Beech Wood】Lid Part

■Made in Osaka
■Brand's Name: ovject
■Manufacturer: hearth designs co.,Ltd.
■Side Details: 【Lid】Diameter 9.5 x 4.0 cm 
【Body (*Without a Lid】W26.0×D18.5×H14.0
■Weight(g) (item only): 790
■Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 810

・Do not heat the product empty. In the event of empty-heating, do not add water.
Just leave it as is until the heat dies down.
Adding water or bringing down the product's temperature immediately
might cause invisible hairline cracks called microcracks on the enamel surface.
・As the kettle is extremely hot when/after boiling, do not touch it with bare hands.
To pour hot water, use mittens to touch the handle which is also hot.
・If you pour hot water right after boiling it, boiling water may splash out.
Wait for about 15 seconds before pouring it.
・Do not fill up water over the water level.
Pouring more than the adequate amount of water might cause burning or putting out the fire of the stove
because of the splashing hot water from the spout.
・If the spout gets broken, discontinue using and do not fix it on your own.
・Do not use over the oil heater. The kettle may fall or boiling water may splash out.
・Do not leave your stove unattended. When water is boiled, turn off the heat.

●If you use electric or glass top stove, follow the direction of the stove.
・To heat the product efficiently, wipe off any moisture on the bottom before use.
・Place the product right in the center of the stove.
・Use low heat when using and avoid empty-heating.
・Please be careful not to overheat especially when you use electric or ceramic top stove since
they have more heating power than regular stoves. Overheating might cause the product to deteriorate.
・The surface of the electric stove might get dirty or the wax might come off after heating this product.
Use stove top cleaner to avoid aforementioned issues.
・Usable on the regular stoves, electric/ceramic top stoves or in the ovens.
・Water Capacity 1.8L / Adequate Capacity 1.3L

■For Longer Use:
・Do not cause the rapid change in temperature such as adding cold water to the heated surface.
It might damage the enamel surface.
・Use dishwashing liquid, do not use industrial cleaners or polishers.
・Do not use dish dryer after washing. It might break the product.
・Do not use metal brushes or metal polisher to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.
・Avoid leaving the product in bleach or acidic cleaners for a long period of time.
・If the stuck-on food is persistent, leave the product in a hot water for a while and wash off.
・Wipe off water and dry well after each use. Keep it in a dry place.

Matte Black:4571269653147
Matte White:4571269653154
Matte Gray:4571269653161
Matte Light Blue:4571269653178

Item No. V05101XXX028
Jan: 4571269653147

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