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Kutani-yaki 3 piece set (small) Jew's mallow+Floral (Urae)

R 6,071.28

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Kutaniyaki Sakai Hundred Koen


Kutani-yaki 3 piece set (small) Jew's mallow+Floral (Urae)

R 6,071.28

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A fancy and convenient kutani-yaki tea set. The small tea pot is perfect for those who like to make tea one cup at a time. The tea strainer reaches to the bottom of the pot, so it can also be used for brewing small amounts of tea.  It comes in a beautiful floral design. The back of the lid has a mallet design that is said to bring fortune. The urae (drawings on the bottom of the pot) features Jew's mallow and flowers so you can enjoy it even when the pot is let upside-down to dry. Feel like queen with this tea set. 

■ Size details: Tea pot / diameter 13.5 × height 8.5cm (250ml)

Tea cup (large) / diameter 7.1 × height 8.2cm (180ml)

Tea cup (small) / diameter 6.8 × height 7.9cm (170ml)

■ Weight: 675g (Tea pot: approx.300g, tea cup large: approx. 210g, tea cup small: approx.165g)

■ Weight (including packaging): 875g

■ Materials: Pottery 

■ Made in Ishikawa Prefecture 

■ Brand: Kutani-yaki Sakai Hyakkaen

■ Precautions:  [For long-term use] *Before use, put the product in a pot of cold water, and boil it for 2 minutes. When the water cools, take the product out and wipe it with a dry cloth. *When not in use, store the products faced down. *Do not put the products in dish washers, dish dryers or microwave ovens. *Wash with a soft sponge. 

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Item No. V03287999028
Jan: 4580382297329

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