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Stationery, Office supply

Clear File 4 designs set

R 177.54

4562339391229 In Stock V02792999028
WATALIS Corporation

Stationery, Office supply

Clear File 4 designs set

R 177.54

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Clear files with popular “Kissho” kimono designs. They are sure to brighten up the desk. Comes in four types: sakura, florists’ daisy, Medeta-zukushi (crane), and Medeta-zukushi (fan). 

*Kissho designs are said to be marks of happiness and fortune. Learning about Japanese designs means being in touch with the deep Japanese culture that has been past on for centuries. 

■ Size details: H 31cm・L 22cm・W 0.2mm

■ Weight: 140g

■ Weight (including packaging): 200g

■ Materials: PP translucent (standard polypropylene). Width: 0.2mm (standard width). Print: UV print. Processing: ultrasonic welding

■ Made in  Watari-cho, Miyagi prefecture

■ Brand: WATALIS

■ Precautions:  The clear file may curl when printed paper is put into it. This is due to a chemical reaction between the PP material (polypropylene) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) contained in inks.

■ Colors: *Florists’ Daisy (back side: yellow green). *Medeta-zukushi (back side: orange). *Sakura (back side: pink). *Medeta-zukushi (back side: light blue). 

Item No. V02792999028
Jan: 4562339391229

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